Fitted BC Forged RZ39 fitted and some specs compared to the
previous wheels that we had in the past, upgrades never end.

We will add the Koya SF06 when we get them back from powder coating.

Custom m359 rim/wheel 20x9 +20 255/30/20 Weight 23.6kg
Stock m359 Front Rim/Wheel 19x9 +31 245/35/19 weight 23.6kg
Apex ARC 8 Front Rim/Wheel 18x9.5 +22 245/40/18 weight 20.8kg
Bc Forged RZ 39 Rim/Wheel 19x9 +15 255/35/19 weight 20kg
Koya semi forged SF06 Rim/Wheel 20x9.5 +20 245/30/20 weight 21.1kg

Front weight saving 3.6kg per wheel over stock

Custom m359 rim/wheel 20x10.5 +25 285/30/20 Weight 27.1kg
Stock m359 Rear Rim/Wheel 19x10 +23 265/35/19 weight 24.6kg
Apex ARC 8 Rear Rim/Wheel 18x10.5 +27 275/35/18 weight 22.2kg
Bc Forged RZ39 Rim/Wheel 19x10.5 +25 275/35/19 weight 22.5kg
Koya semi forged SF06 Rim/Wheel 20x11 +27 285/30/20 weight 23.5kg

Rear weight saving 2.1 kg per wheel over stock


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