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BMW 1m 1m3 s65 DCT

BMW 1M3 S65 V8 DCT The picture was taken the day I picked up my 1 series M from the dealers and this is my journey building this monster 1m3 the way BMW should have done in the first place, a shared sentiment by the many. As a child I always loved cars and I had an extensive hot wheels collection, so when the M factory engineers built and BMW released this baby, my childhood memories came flooding back. Feasting my eyes upon this beauty l was like a kid in the toy store for the first time but it was a little out of reach for me, so when the opportunity came along some years later I pounced like a kitten on a yarn ball. It is fun, exciting and tough looking but I always felt the n54t powerplant was just a slightly optimised variant of the 135i donk and an afterthought especially where the model has a host of parts raided from the e9x M3 parts bin. The ///M variant of the n54t was nothing special besides some electronic software improvements and a host of revised parts to improve it'