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The BC Forged RZ39's were refinished in satin black and fitted with some brand new ps4s tyres. What a transformation in ride quality due to the weight savings and extra side wall over the factory 359's. Stock m359 Front Rim/Wheel 19x9 +31 245/35/19 weight 23.6kg Bc Forged RZ 39 Rim/Wheel 19x9 +15 255/35/19 weight 20kg Front weight saving 3.6kg per wheel over stock Stock m359 Rear Rim/Wheel 19x10 +23 265/35/19 weight 24.6kg Bc Forged RZ39 Rim/Wheel 19x10.5 +25 275/35/19 weight 22.5kg Rear weight saving 2.1 kg per wheel over stock