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 A new ultra-lightweight deep cycle/starter battery was added to help shave more weight of this build, original agm battery was 24.7kg & the lithium is 10.5kg. Less than 1/2 the weight and double in capacity. The battery is physically a little bigger than original but not a problem as the 1m has a huge battery compartment. Making the battery fit was a little annoying as it's not a direct fit and the compartment needed a little modification with a Dremel but well worthwhile.   The best part of this new battery from  Lithiumax  is the monitoring software via Bluetooth as I can keep an eye out on the current draw of the electronics and never have to worry about going flat. Battery has a restart function built in so you will never be left stranded and needing a jumpstart, this can kill the FRM module from voltage being too low whilst cranking in these cars very easily and can cost in excess of 2000 dollars AUD to fix. This is a great investment and preventative to a costly repair a